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Custom Mouth Guards in Olathe, KS

Part of caring for your smile includes protecting it from damage. While it’s not always possible to be prepared for unexpected incidents, a mouth guard can serve as immediate protection when it comes to physical activities like sports. If you play sports, grind your teeth, or experience TMJ, call us today. We can help create a custom mouth guard to safeguard your smile!

What does a mouth guard protect?

A mouth guard is a dental device that covers your teeth. A mouth guard protects by cushioning the blow to your teeth, tongue, gums, or cheeks from trauma or impact caused by sports, teeth grinding, or other activities that may place your teeth at risk of injury. Typically, a mouth guard will cover the upper teeth, but our mouth guards can also protect the lower teeth from impact.

How do I know I need a mouth guard?

When it comes to protecting your smile, even the slightest effort can make the difference between your natural teeth or a dental restoration. If you play high contact sports, like football or hockey, or even participate in gymnastics, a mouth guard may already be required by the organization you are part of. If you grind your teeth or experience sleep apnea, a mouth guard is one of many solutions in providing relief and helping you keep a healthy smile.

How do I clean my mouth guard?

Caring for your mouth guard daily will provide a higher chance for it to maintain its shape and avoid the need for a replacement sooner than necessary. To keep the mouth guard and your mouth clean, clean your teeth and mouth guard well before each use. Cleaning a mouth guard is as simple as using a brush and soapy water and then letting it air dry. Avoid exposing your mouth guard to extreme heat and store it safely. When you visit our office for a custom mouth guard, we’ll ensure you have all the information you need to keep your mouth guard in good condition!

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